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This page indexes the individual years pages. Contents. [hide]. 1 3rd millennium. 1.1 21st century. 2 2nd millennium. 2.1 20th century; 2.2 19th century; 2.3 18th century; 2.4 17th century; 2.5 16th century; 2.6 15th century; 2.7 14th century; 2.8 13th century; 2.9 12th century; 2.10 11th century. 3 1st millennium. 3.1 10th ...

Dec 15, 2014 ... Long before there were online dating sites, such as eHarmony, Match or OKCupid, there was a curious offline custom in America known as New Year's Calling. In the 19th century, young single women in New York City; Washington, D.C., and other cities and towns across the country would hold open ...

May 26, 2015 ... Believe it or not, "the rules" for single ladies haven't really changed all that much.

Nov 8, 2013 ... Fair enough. Read properly, Austen's masterpiece does illuminate the need for mutual respect, clear communication, and so on. But it's quite possible to read Pride and Prejudice, and many other canonical 19th century novels, and somehow take away all the wrong lessons about love and relationships.

Mar 1, 2007 ... So these are four important cultural forces in the early part of the 20th century that assisted in moving our culture from the older courtship system that existed prior to the late 19th century, to a courtship system that includes "dating," which, I will argue in the next article, is much more ambiguous and confusing ...

Jan 5, 2016 ... History buff Alan Mays has been collecting 19th-century “acquaintance cards” for years and publishing them to Flickr. The cards, popular in the late 1800s, were emblazoned with notes meant to spark conversation with or express interest in women. Imagine if you got your Tinder bio printed on business ...

Jun 20, 2017 ... And the poor chap didn't have Tinder to see what hoop-skirt loving ladies were living in his area. SEE ALSO: A new app sends you on a first date immediately. No swiping, no messaging allowed. Though we don't have any information on the lucky gal who responded to his ad, this 19th-century gentleman is ...

May 12, 2016 ... In Whit Stillman's new film Love and Friendship, Kate Beckinsale steps away from the vampire-fighting Underworld role that made her famous and offers something really different: an adaptation of a Jane Austen story, in which she plays a widowed aristocrat hanging on to her standing in society despite ...

Jan 4, 2016 ... 19th-century Americans used cheeky cards to stretch social convention and find romance. ... This can be especially seen in the personalized acquaintance cards of people like “James L. Gallas, Kissing Rouge” or “E. L. Muellich, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Love Kisses and Up-to-date Hugs.” ...

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