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Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was the president of the United States from 1861 until his shocking assassination in 1865. The colorful stories about Abe Lincoln's life really are true: He was born in a log cabin and grew up on the American frontier, educated himself by reading borrowed books, and worked splitting fence rails and clerking in a general store, and then as a country lawyer, long before he became president. He served in the Illinois General Assembly for eight years and in the U.S. House of Represe More »
Born: February 12, 1809 (Near Hodgenville, Kentucky)

Jul 26, 2007 ... Numbuh 1's parents were moving back to England, Numbuh 3 or Kuki Sanban was moving back to Japan, Numbuh 4 or Wally Beatles was moving back to Australia and Numbuh 5 or Abby Lincoln was going to move to France with her mom and sister. Numbuh 2 or Hoagie Gilligan was the only one to be ...

Aug 21, 2004 ... Don't you Nigel?" His mom asked. "Uh..." "Ssh!" Numbuh 3 hissed putting a finger to her mouth. "I'm tryin to watch the movie!" (((((Q))))). "Nigel!" Six-year-old Abby Lincoln ran to meet her long time friend Nigel Uno. "What's wrong?" "Do you know what it's like to kiss a gurl?" Abby blinked. "No...why would I?".

Jun 21, 2010 ... Abigail Lincoln and the rest of sector V were all decommissioned on their thirteenth birthday…except for Nigel Uno, who had spent time in the Galactic KND. Upon his fourteenth birthday (he had achieved the right to an extra year for his amazing leadership talents) he willingly came back for decommission, ...

Feb 15, 2008 ... Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Nigel U./Numbuh 1, Rachel mK./ Numbuh 362 - Chapters: 3 ... Numbuh 5, Abby Lincoln, was relaxing on the couch with a comic book. Numbuh 2 ... And, Numbuh 1, Nigel Uno, was on the phone being yelled at by his Uber-bossy girlfriend, Lizzie. "Nigie, I can't ...

Sep 24, 2012 ... They were accepted into the TND along with their dear friends, Abigail Lincoln, Hoagie Gilligan, and Nigel Uno. "Wally?" Kuki questioned as she stepped into Wally's room. The room was completely empty; the blonde headed Aussie was nowhere to be found. Kuki scratched her head in confusion, "Where ...

Sep 3, 2004 ... Meanwhile Hoagie P. Gilligan, Jr. and Abby Lincoln watched the big-screen television above, boredly commenting on the actions of the characters on-screen. "Ahem," Nigel tried to ... Yes, I, Nigel Uno, am going to take Lizzie Devine on a real date, and I want nothing to do with the Kids Next Door tonight.".

Oct 27, 2008 ... Abigail Lincoln said breathlessly to the elderly neighbor next to her. ... A couple of metres out was a small kitchen but virtually nothing else. ..... "Besides school, Uno." Kuki giggled. "What's changed on the other side of things?" Nigel shrugged . "Not much, we all hang out together like usual, but I don't have ...

Feb 1, 2013 ... Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Adventure - [Nigel U./Numbuh 1, Rachel mK./Numbuh 362] ... "Hey Numbuh 1, nice speech you had," Numbuh 5, aka Abigail "Abby" Lincoln's voice came behind him. ... "Oh come on... you might as well be dating Lizzie and still rather go see Rachel," Hoagie chuckled.

Summary. Set post series. Nigel Uno has joined the Galactic Kids Next Door, who have deemed his home planet to be too infested with adults to be safe for kids, and the threat must be contained. The decision is Nigel's to make. Language: English; Words: 5,665; Chapters: 4/?; Kudos: 1; Hits: 52 ...

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