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Mar 24, 2014 ... But what is it really like dating an architect, and are these folk for you? Below we have delved into 10 things you should need to know about dating architects, and who knows, there could even be a few tips therein which could land you your lifelong dream partner. Now I know it's not really politically correct ...

We probably don't need to convince you to say yes to that coffee date with the cute architect you've been flirting with, but here are a few reasons to date an architect anyway. 1. Brains are sexy — and architects use both sides of theirs. 2. Architects are well-educated. No high-school dropouts here. 3. Your parents — and ...

Oct 1, 2012 ... Thinking about dating an architect based on what you've seen on TV? Here is some "inside" information on the character traits of architects.

This is a great question because architects are such a pain. I would know, I am one. The assumptions I think you should make that apply to almost all architects are as follows: * We are opinionated * We appreciate things that are well designed ...

The subject of dating brings with it mixed emotions for architects. Love is supposedly on the cards for a lucky few, but with all those projects on the go, who has the time for romance in the design world? It's hard enough finding time to sleep, let alone to find “the one”. However, hope persists in the shape of some very creative ...

The architect can be a complete enigma. Hopefully this guide will give you a look into their psyche and help you determine if one is worth dating.

I'm not saying you're dating Sherlock Holmes or anything like that. They're not necessarily going to be suspicious and looking for clues, but it does help to produce a healthy relationship if both people express how they feel—and you can do this with your architect. What else? They're smart. Architects of course vary in style, ...

Feb 15, 2017 ... Four tips on finding love from two dating coaches from the East and West Coasts.

Jun 4, 2013 ... When dating an engineer you have to remember they think analytical and practical. Logical .... Joanna founded Love Engineer Dating and Relationship Advice blog in 2004 after she saw her friends struggling to date in Silicon Valley. Over the years .... I'd like to marry a woman civil engineer or architect .

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