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Alvarez is a trademark designating a brand of acoustic guitars. Manufactured in Asia and distributed by LOUD Technologies Inc., Alvarez guitars range from very high-end solid wood models handmade by Japanese craftsman to relatively inexpensive... More »
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Alvarez is a guitar brand founded in 1965 by distributor St. Louis Music. Alvarez has generally produced acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars, including classical guitars, and for a time solid-body electric guitars and basses. From 2005 to 2009, the brand was owned by LOUD Technologies, which also owns Mackie, Ampeg,  ...

Alvarez Yairi guitars can be dated by the number stamped onto the back of the ... Alvarez Yairi stopped using the emperor code in 2000 (2000 was the last year with ... semi-hollow electrics and the one classical guitar are included in the archtop guitar serial numbering system. The two mandolins have no serial numbers.

Dating Alvarez Guitars Dating Alvarez guitars is going to be hard. In some cases date of manufacture on label - see below. "staff at either St. Louis or Woodinville offices of Loud Technologies can determine a manufacture date for a particular serial #"

I got this from a friend in the late 80's. I just had an urge to date it and the Alvarez website only gives info on Yairi. If anybody has an idea could...

Alvarez 5022 dating General Acoustic Guitar Discussion.
Sep 30, 2013 ... Google cosmetics to buy alvarez guitar serial numbers.

Aug 19, 2009 ... When was my Yairi made? By reading the number stamped on the heel block of your Yairi, you can tell in which year it was made. The first two numbers correspond to the year of the Emperor of Japan at that time. (See chart below.) The second two numbers refer to the month of production.…

The D 42 blows away the more expensive D 45 and for recording rhythm tracks the Alvarez Dove is better than either Martin. Contact me if you know about this guitar and serial number (3094 ) made in Japan model 5025. Very fancy large label inside of a classic man plating a lute ? My e mail is jakobian ...

Mar 15, 2011 ... Alvarez uses a numbering system to identify its guitars (although some also have a model name), and from the 1970s through the 1990s, this was a four-digit number—which falls in line with your guitar model of 5058. Unfortunately, I haven 't been unable to find any dating serialization on Alvarez guitars ...

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