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QUESTION: I am a single female in my late 30s and never married. I am good friends with a single man from church, and we have spent quite a bit of time talking/texting/hanging out, but we are not in a dating relationship. I am interested in our friendship progressing to that level, but am not sure what the best God- honoring ...

Oct 13, 2015 ... Christian guys say they need women to take a risk and put some encouragement out there. ... When I was single, I had times where I felt confused as to what I could do to let a guy know I was interested without being too flirty or making a fool of myself. ... (Note: I'm not talking about missionary dating here.) 4.

Mar 18, 2012 ... I am going to share some ideas with you – these are suggestions. I am NOT infallible, or an expert on dating – and I am DEFINITELY not the Holy Spirit. I am a Christian wife of almost 20 years, a mom of two children and a woman who desires to see my brothers and sisters in Christ have healthy, godly, ...

Apr 29, 2015 ... After several failed attempts, he finally explained to her, “I'm breaking the ice.” My friend's ... Yet, this seems to be the general protocol of evangelical Christian dating: a man pursues a woman while the woman waits to be pursued. It's not a ... Me: “Why don't you let him know that you're interested?” Friend: “I ...

Mar 20, 2018 ... In this article, however, I am just going to skip ahead to “how” a woman can let a Christian guy know that she is interested and likes him. So here are 3 .... They will make a great husband one day but they are not going to be counseling anyone on how to date or how to have a successful marriage. They will ...

Feb 25, 2015 ... Hmmmm, is it possible for a mature Christian woman, with the right motives and a pure heart, to cause an action to begin? Well…yes! In fact ... boys out. But I'm also not a fan of a girl sitting silently at home and waiting for Mr. Right to come knocking down her door. ... I never verbally told him I was interested.

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Jan 1, 2013 ... A well-known Christian magazine recently asked me to share my opinion about whether Christian singles should use online dating services to find a ... Every week it seems, I encounter young women who are wrestling with thoughts like, When am I finally going to meet Prince Charming? and How am I ever ...

May 1, 2013 ... Jen is a frustrated young wife who has been married for three years. “I want my husband to rise up and be the leader in our marriage. But he seems to just wait around for me to move things forward. I'm really tired of trying to be the man in this relationship!”

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