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New York passed her job and was rewarded $10,000. New York was tied with her opponent and won $5,000. New York failed her job and got nothing. *Pumkin was voted to fight New York but was unable to show up, leaving the second place vote for Mr. Boston to fight New York.

I Love New York (season 1) is first season of the VH1 reality television series entitled I Love New York. The first season consisted of 12 episodes, which first aired weekly from January 8, 2007 to April 15, 2007. Contents. [hide]. 1 Production; 2 Contestants; 3 Elimination Order; 4 Episodes. 4.1 Do You Have Love For New ...

Feb 11, 2016 ... We Found Flavor of Love's Pumkin and She Works at an Accounting Firm. ... Brooke “Pumkin” Thompson made a lasting impression on the VH1 Celebreality- sphere but all but disappeared from the limelight when Flavor of Love, .... I have dated the hot guys though and the personality has to be there too.

Apr 5, 2007 ... I watched my I Love New York reunion tape and could not believe Mr. Boston was dating Pumkin. I sincerely believe he did the show to get more dates/sex and he certainly seems to have accomplished that goal. But seriously I hope he is using protection, the possiblity of getting an STD from either New ...

Jul 31, 2012 ... But, because he was almost I Love New York (Season 1). ” target=”_blank” rel=” noopener”>KO'd by fellow contestant Chance in a boxing challenge, New York eliminated him. After ILNY he dated New York's spitting adversary Pumkin, and then appeared on “I Love Money.” After being eliminated on the ...

Aug 29, 2009 ... She appeared at the I Love New York reunion, she was currently dating Mr. Boston for a short while as we found out about that at the reunion. In 2008, Pumkin returned to Vh1 on I Love Money, she was eliminated once again on the 2nd episode to the finale. On that show she & Megan from Rock Of Love 2 ...

Jul 9, 2008 ... Mr. Boston, also known as Lee Marks in real life, has returned to the reality TV circuit following his unsuccessful stint on...
Nov 13, 2007 ... Some deleted clips from the Reunion. At the end, Pumkin comes is and her and New York stay goin at it ~ New Jer-Z. ... If New York was my son's girlfriend I would do everything in my power to break them up. She is the most vulgar woman I've seen on TV. I like her as an actor ...

Jul 28, 2008 ... Although it's difficult to choose, I think my two favorites of this season are Pumkin and Mr. Boston, who coincidentally dated at some point. Pumkin really amps up the skankiness factor this time around, (a near impossible feat after spitting on someone) by wearing garments that don't quite cover her sagging ...

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