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In the first place, Creationists argue that methods of radiometric dating employ false assumptions. They continue by using special techniques of their own to assign to the earth an age of a few thousand years. Excellent and exhaustive explanations of the errors in Creationist arguments about dating methods have been given ...

It is theoretically possible that all the other clocks are wrong and have exactly the same error, but it would take a whole lot of explaining as to how that could be the case. A proper case against radiometric dating ought to begin with a comparison to something believed to be more accurate, and a showing that radiometric ...

This argument was used against creationist work that exposed problems with radiometric dating. Laboratory tests on rock formed from the 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens gave 'ages' of millions of years. Critics claimed that 'old' crystals contained in the rock contaminated the result. However, careful measurements by Dr Steve ...

Jul 30, 2009 ... All radioactive dating methods have a fatal flaw that makes it impossible for them to objectively measure age.

In fact, I think this is a very telling argument against radiometric dating. Another possibility to keep in mind is that lead becomes gaseous at low temperatures, and would be gaseous in magma if it were not for the extreme pressures deep in the earth. It also becomes very mobile when hot. These processes could influence the ...

Apr 3, 2017 ... As someone who has studied radioactivity in detail, I have always been a bit amused by the assertion that radioactive dating is a precise way to determine ... The problem with that, is that, in the first case, there appear to be no transitional fossils when there should be millions , and to make the assumption ...

A Close Look at List of Young-Earth Arguments from Kent Hovind ('Dr. Dino') and Other Claims: Carbon-14 dating. ... Believe it or not, a number of creationist attacks against radiometric decay rates are aimed at a kind of "decay" called internal conversion (IC), which has absolutely nothing to do with the radiometric dating ...

Aug 4, 2010 ... Most people think that radioactive dating has proven the earth is billions of years old. Yet this view is based on a misunderstanding of how radiometric dating works. Part 1 (in the previous issue) explained how scientists observe unstable atoms changing into stable atoms in the present. Part 2 explains how ...

Apr 24, 2009 ... People who do not like these young-age results will argue against the assumptions, which of course is arguing about something that can never be checked. ...... Yes, carbon dating can be tested against historical artifacts, but we don't have reliably dated artifacts beyond about 2? to 3? thousand years ago.

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