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This is a list of our solar system's recent and forthcoming planetary conjunctions In astronomy, a conjunction is an event, defined only when using either an equatorial or an ecliptic celestial coordinate system, in which any two astronomical objects (e.g. asteroids, moons, planets, stars) have the same celestial longitude, ...

The conjunction symbol is not used in modern astronomy. It continues to be used in astrology. When two objects always appear close to the ecliptic—such as two planets, the Moon and a planet, or the Sun and a planet—this fact implies an apparent close approach between the objects as seen on the sky. A related word  ...

How do we know the age of the surfaces we see on planets and moons? If a world has a surface (as opposed to being mostly gas and liquid), astronomers have developed some techniques for estimating how long ago that surface solidified. Note that the age of these surfaces is not necessarily the age of the planet as a ...

When are Saturn, Mars, and the other planets visible in the night sky? Precise rise and set times, directions, best viewing hours and times of the year in your city for all planets in our solar system.

Compare sizes for the planets and sort them by order from the Sun or by size. Planets' size, mass, and gravity. Number of moons, distance from the Sun and Earth, and composition.

Dec 28, 2017 ... On the same date as the total lunar eclipse, Mars will seem to glide close to the moon just as it reaches its peak visibility for the year. The red planet will be at opposition, when it sits opposite to the sun in the sky, from our perspective. During opposition, Mars will look like a super-bright orange star in the ...

Apr 1, 2018 ... Venus blazes away in the west at evening twilight. Jupiter rises at mid-to-late evening and shines brightly before dawn. After the Mars and Saturn conjunction on April 2, the pair can be seen all month before dawn, near one another.

Matt is a graduate student studying astronomy at Yale and is one of the original co-founders of Planet Hunters. ..... To date over 3000 confirmed planets and planet candidates have been discovered with Kepler, but the Kepler light curves are complex, many exhibiting short-lived changes in brightnesss that are often difficult ...

Understanding Astronomy. The Planets. Besides the sun, moon, and stars, there are five other prominent objects in the sky: the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, ... Their complex motions mystified ancient people, and eventually motivated the development of modern astronomy. ... On what date in July was the photo taken?

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