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The Baha'i Faith (/b??h??i?, -?ha?/; Persian: ????? Baha'i) is a religion teaching the essential worth of all religions, and the unity and equality of all people. Established by Baha'u'llah in 1863, it initially grew in Iran (Persia) and parts of the Middle East, where it has faced ongoing persecution since its inception. Currently ...

8000+ Members. No other Baha'i dating site, has more valid members than BahaiMingle. A premiere Baha'i dating community has more visitors around the world than all other Bahai'i dating sites combined.

Apr 9, 2014 ... When it comes to dating and getting to know a potential partner in the framework of the Baha'i laws and principles, many young (and not so young) people ex How to Get Thoroughly Acquainted: A Baha'i Perspective on Dating.

Meet single Baha'is - Join now! Gina and Hamez. Welcome to We are proud to be celebrating 10 years on the net! In that time many couples have married and we now also have children born from these unions. Currently we have over 20000 members from more than 100 countries! Twodoves is a place ...

Baha'i. , 68 year old Caucasian / White male, 5' 11 /180cm with Average build. Living in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States with children None, seeking Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner. Veggie/vegan diet, Never drinks alcohol and never smokes. I'm mostly a vegan except that I eat deep  ...

Baha'i Love Story Matchmaking & Dating. 570 likes · 1 talking about this. We aim to connect Baha'i's from around the world to create relationships that...

May 6, 2009 ... Due to their point of view, many younger Baha'i youths are now in a relationship and their parents seem OK with the outcome. However, there are other Baha'i adults who are against these views, as they are claiming that there are Baha'i writings that do forbid such relationships (except for being engaged ...

Sex in romantic relationships has always played a vital role for me. Now, in my 20's, I have become Baha'i. How have you gone about dating without...

Dating (within the understanding I have of the Baha'i Faith) is for the purpose of getting to know more about a potential spouse. It is not an end in itself. “A couple should study each other's character and spend time getting to know each other before they decide to marry, and when they do marry it should be with the intention ...

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